This is always a story.

A simple and inorganic family of items coming out of a style of subtraction that pares down the clutter of design that is all over the place. I construct an incredibly slim silhouette not seen anywhere else in menswear, and the beautiful outline that emerges singles out the clothing, and singles out the buyer from the very start. I believe that in apparel, things are first and only infused with life through the wearing of them, and I hope that these things pass through a beautiful life cycle, eventually stripped of life and finally forgotten with time.


_ Guidi leather

W shoulder leather _


These are very special leathers.
It has a very good finish.
It is important to wear it for a long time.





I have particular attention to the sole.
I use #1100 from Vibram (from Italy).
Similar to #100 but different.

Sticking to the finest details is the road to completion.
Wearing it will prove it.



All can be repaired, including the sole.
We are responsible for that.
Please feel free to ask us anything.




Thee OLD CIRCUS _ 1973

Designer /  Urano Takahiro

made in Japan.