I have high expectations for them.

I’m looking forward to future jam sessions with them.

Their humanity resides in that thing.
You will feel it when you touch the shoes.
Such things are good.

One needle, one thread, one soul.

Please look forward to special suit shoes.







designer / Ofuchi Ryosuke

made in Japan. (Kobe)

“Wrapping the legs with heavy leather” Making shoes utilizing the unique texture and characteristics of the material, and intentionally reducing the switching for patterning to attract the goodness of the foot and the look of the leather Focus on.

Portaille … Portail (gate) + Taille (sculpture) In French, it is a coined word that combines ʻPortail’, which means “gate,” and ʻTaille,” which means “sculpture.” Inspired by designer “Lord’s Gate”, which is the most admired designer.